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  • What are microgreens?
    Microgreens are common vegetables and herbs that are densely grown and harvested just a few days beyond germination. Typically they consist of a stem, the first two leaves (cotyledons) and, in some cases, when the first true leaves begin to appear.
  • Are microgreens the same as sprouts?
    Sprouts are the first stage of growth where the root (radicle) and the shoot first appear. Usually grown in water and consumed whole. Microgreens, are grown in a medium, such as soil or coir mats, and the first two leaves, the cotyledons are allowed to form. The plants are harvested from just above the soil level leaving the remains of the seed and roots behind.
  • Do you deliver by post?
    Yes. We ship via courrier with the aim of delivering to your door the day after harvest.
  • Do you sell 'live' produce?
    The majority of microgreens are grown and harvested according to a very specific schedule. Unless they are harvested at the right time the charateristics can change quite dramatically. Late harvesting often spoils the flavour, looks and texture. Consequently, there is little value in shipping live products but we would be happy to oblige if preferred.
  • Can I collect?
    We are happy for clients to collect as long as it has been arranged for a suitable date and time.
  • When do you deliver?
    We harvest the product on Mondays and Thursday, first thing in the morning and aim to deliver by midday.
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