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Fresh, Local Microgreens & Herbs

Microgreens are common vegetables and herbs that are densely grown and harvested just a few days beyond germination. Typically they consist of a stem, the first two leaves (cotyledons) and, in some cases, the first true leaves begin to appear.


Microgreens are prized for three main reasons:


  • Chefs love them for their visual appeal and frequently use them to add an attractive garnish to a plate;


  • Foodies love them for their exceptional flavours, usually much stronger and more distinct than their mature counterparts. The hot spice of Radish and Mustard or the amazing sweetness of Popcorn microgreens will take you by surprise;


  • And, for those seeking the most healthy, nutritious and organic diet, microgreens tick all the right boxes. They contain copious amounts of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants.


For our local customers, our microgreens are delivered to your door within a few short hours of harvest to ensure fresh, quality produce every time. For clients further afield, your order will be packaged with a small pouch of ice to keep it cool and despatched by courier for next day delivery.

Mustard on the grow

China Rose Radish 2.jpg


Lusso Leaf

What’s in a name? “Lusso”, derived from the Latin word luxus, is Italian for luxury. It seemed like an apt name for a company that aims to produce luxurious micro vegetables and herbs that gratify the senses in both vision and taste.

Lusso Leaf is a farm that breaks conventions. It is based entirely indoors and employs efficient vertical farming techniques to produce significantly more crops per square metre than you ever could with traditional farming practices. Complete control of all aspects of the growing environment – lighting, temperature, humidity and watering – means that the best possible quality can always be maintained, regardless of the seasons or the weather, whilst minimising the impact on our environment.


“Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what’s for lunch.”

Orson Wells

our mission


Our goals are:


  • Minimise Environmental Impact – By using vertical farming techniques and supplying locally we are able to: dramatically reduce food miles; reduce water consumption by as much as 90% compared to traditional farming techniques, and completely eliminate the requirement to use harmful pesticides. Where appropriate we also use recycled and compostable packaging to help eliminate single use plastics.

  • Freshness – Our controlled environment means that we can produce the same quality produce all year round, regardless of the seasons, and deliver within hours of harvesting.

  • Facilitate Healthy & Nutritious Diets – The products we choose to grow are selected, not just for their amazing flavours and looks. We aim to grow products which provide the highest levels of nutritional content ensuring our customers can easily achieve their recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals.

  • Service – We know that we, as a business, will thrive if we put our customers first. This means achieving all of the above but also tailoring our service to meet specific customer requirements. We will grow the products our clients want.

  • Partnership – For our commercial clients, our goal is to foster strong working relationships that promote, not just our business, but the great work of individual Chefs and the restaurants they run or work for.

Chef Garnishing a Meal
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